Connecting the good products of the world to Japan

About us

We are engaged in sales business such as B2C, B2B from market development centering on overseas products not yet released in Japan.

When interacting with a large Japanese company, it takes a long time for the person in charge to talk to the boss and the boss to talk to the president and return.

At that time, the content of the story has changed partly or is missing, and it takes a very long time to proceed with one project.

Although we are not a large company, we respond quickly and the representatives attend the meetings myself, so we make decisions quickly and, above all, think that we will have a win-win relationship with each other.

Description of business

What is our promotion strategy?

Firstly, we will promote your product through Makuake. 

Makuake is the largest crowdfunding platform in Japan. 

Just like a kickstarter or Indiegogo, introducing new innovative product through the crowdfunding platform is very effective in Japan. 

 After the crowdfunding, we will promote your product to large retail store, such as

Bic Camera (  

Tokyu Hands (

Loft (

We will sell your product through major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Rakuten Ichiba (Japanese famous online store) and other online shops. (online if necessary)

We will display your product at Tokyo gift show next September to connect it to B2B wholesale. (We will pay for the cost.)

What do we do?

Test marketing 

We can see how Japanese customers would react to your product by crowdfunding before selling it to general.

Media(newspapers, TV, magazines, web)

When the crowdfunding will succeed, your product may be featured on each media.

Business results

Whether we have business results or not, this will affect our general sales.


We can gain publicity of your product in Japan and do branding it.Therefore, it is effective to use the crowdfunding for marketing.

What kind of support/service will we provide?

We offer:

Landing page: Create a crowdfunding landing page and pre-launch page in Japanese.

● Run the Facebook and Instagram advertisement at our cost.

● Email/Social media marketing.

● Customer support during campaign.

● Handle domestic shipping and return

What happens next when a crowdfunding campaign is over?

Once our crowdfunding campaign on Makuake is done, if you are satisfied with a funding result on Makuake, we could do another crowdfunding project on Campfire (Japanese famous crowdfunding site) and so on if you are interested in it. 

After crowdfunding, we will exhibit your product at Tokyo Gift Show to connect it to B2B wholesale.

We will also start to sell it on Japanese e-commerce platforms.

4 reasons you should work with us!

1.We have a lot of skills and experience how to approach Japanese backers, retailers, and online stores   for your newly innovative.

2.We understand how important the initial sales to early adapters can be for your success.

3.We know how to import/export goods very well in Japan.

4.We will work together with you flexibly in order to maximize the result of campaign.


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